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Private Lessons

Mr. Ben Batalla can help instruct you in

Fundamentals of piano technique

Music theory and composition

Classical, jazz, and contemporary styles

Sight reading and reading chord changes


Competition, audition, and recital preparation


Meet with Mr. Batalla at one of his studios or at your own home in the Austin, TX area.


Live video instruction from Mr. Batalla using Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.


"Mr. Batalla has been a fantastic teacher for my daughter and I highly recommend him. Anna-Grace took lessons for about a year when she was maybe 10 years old, but did not like it. After a few years, she started sitting down at the piano, trying to teach herself, and found she liked it after all. When we found Mr. Batalla, she was 16 years old and could not read music very well but had learned a few small pieces. Anna-Grace was very shy and a little under-confident, but Mr. Batalla was so cheerful and affirming that his gentle but firm guidance really brought her out of her shell. By the end of the school year, Anna-Grace improved dramatically and played beautifully at her Spring school concert!


Anna-Grace has also learned a fantastic technique. I am so thankful that she is being taught the right way to play! Mr. Batalla has also been introducing Anna-Grace to music theory, so she is getting a very well-rounded music education. For the first year the lessons were in person, but we have now transitioned to Zoom, and with a good webcam it is working very well. I highly recommend Ben Batalla as a piano teacher, either in person or remotely."

Mrs. Jeannette Williams/ mother of High School student

"Mr. Batalla is an incredibly talented and passionate piano player who has a special gift for instilling that passion into others. My fifteen-year-old daughter has studied piano since she was six years old. She has always worked hard and dutifully practiced the drills and exercises assigned by her teachers. Yet progress seemed plodding and joy lacking. Mr. Batalla helped to re-energize my daughter’s piano studies and brought her enjoyment of music to another level. From the first lesson with him, her understanding and skill level improved. All of a sudden, there was a newfound excitement, even during my daughter's practice times. 


In addition to igniting joy and passion for music, Mr. Batalla has taught my daughter a more holistic approach to piano. This approach goes beyond merely playing notes to developing the posture and technique to enjoy a lifetime of piano playing. Mr. Batalla is an exceptional piano teacher and I could not recommend him more highly."

Mr. Robert Andrejczyk / father of High School student

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